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Next Up: Sofia + Em premiere a new short work at DANCENOW Festival at Joe's Pub (Sept. 5th & 7th at 7pm). Learn more here.


Image Description:  Em + Sofia and are seen in motion on a black marley stage with cash strewn around them. There is a light blue blow up pool that Sofia is sitting inside of as she looks at Em. Em is on the floor, lying on the edge of the pool. Sofia is wearing a black t-shirt with floral designs. Em is wearing navy shorts and a sheer black t-shirt. photo © Derek Fowles


Video Description (top right): INSTANT SAVIORS (just add water) performed at EstroGenius Festival at The Kraine Theater. Footage from improvised score called "I Love You Wrestling." Em and Sofia are dressed in the same outfits as the photo, following each other's weight on a small stage. They bounce in tandem. A kiddie-pool filled with cash is on the right side of the frame.

Video Description (bottom left): Five one-minute dances in which Em + Sofia move together at specific locations at home and outside.

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