Papineau - Engelman MR 10-08-18 low -188

Artist Statement

We make dances that are grounded in our material; our flesh, the air, our love, the spaces we dance and live in. Every performance is site-specific. Our queer relationship often manifests visibly in our choreographies; it presents itself not as a narrative so much as a feeling, a state of being, a world, and a logic. We shape unstable, intimate places through re-orientation and disorientation of the body, images, words, and objects. We love serious messes and treat every object we introduce into process and performance as essential, integrated, autonomous entities. Our work creates and requires a particular state of togetherness through active negotiation, hopeless dependency, and acts of trust and survival. We make space for effort and oddities. We are interested in humor, but not in making a joke of ourselves. We create structures and systems and then deconstruct or abandon them; we engage in a practice of world making and world reinvention. 


Together, we have committed to giving our dances whatever they need and want.

We place ourselves in the creative lineage of Jennifer Monson, DD Dorvillier, Lisa Nelson, Jeanine Durning, David Dorfman, Nancy Stark Smith, Fred Herko, Bebe Miller, Yvonne Rainer (whom our cat is named after), Kathleen Hermesdorf, and Robert Rauschenberg.

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photo © David Gonsier