©2020 by Em Papineau and Sofia Engelman Dance.


(Queer) Partnering Workshop

This workshop is about dancing with other bodies. We use physical touch and partnered movement to perform feats of power, to practice consent, to explore our wildness, to experience togetherness, and to find new ways of relating to each other. We co-create and support one another through moments of disorientation and reorientation. We will engage with set and improvised material. Together, we wonder: How can we make this a mess? All are welcome and by the end of class, we hope you will feel like a badass.

photo ©Najy Knee

Composition Lab

Our composition course is a laboratory for curious movers to apply critical thinking and practices of questioning to technical practice. Dancers will be encouraged to take on collaborative and independent projects while engaging with written texts, music, props, and more as source material. Students will experiment with various choreographic methodologies, both uncovering themes through movement research and allowing predetermined concepts to drive choreographic inquiry. In a community-oriented atmosphere, we will give and receive feedback, edit, refine, and question, and expand our knowledge of dance history and our place in it.

photo © Alexander Engelman

Dance Fitness

We will cultivate skills for listening to the body, physical awareness. alignment and proprioception. We work to open up students' kinespheres and to get everyone sweating while listening to a playlist of fun tunes. You will be continuously guided through fun aerobic dance moves, as well as strengthening and stretching exercises, for the duration of the hour. This is a postmodern dance fitness class; we apply knowledge of somatics, anatomy, and kinesiology to indulgent, jazzy dance movements. Modifications are given and self and group care is practiced; class is appropriate for students of all levels, abilities, and backgrounds!

photo ©Sofia Engelman