[Queer] Partnering Workshop

This workshop is about dancing with other bodies. We use physical touch and partnered movement to perform feats of power, to practice consent, to explore our wildness, to experience togetherness, and to find new ways of relating to each other. We co-create and support one another through moments of disorientation and reorientation. We will engage with set and improvised material. Together, we wonder: How can we make this a mess? All are welcome and by the end of class, we want you to feel like a badass.

photo © Najy Knee

Beg. Contemporary Technique

Beg. Contemporary is a gentle movement class oriented toward movers who are new or returning to dancing. Drawing from traditional and contemporary forms, we will warm ourselves and practice full, unapologetic embodiment through the practice of phrase work, improvisation, and follow-along exercises to help us cultivate buoyant, adaptive bodies. We will sweat, stretch, and condition.


photo © Alexander Engelman

Virtual Togetherness Class

Partnering with what we've got--surfaces, furniture, objects, air--we will use physical feedback from our spaces to feel ourselves more deeply. This Zoom offering will center improvisation while including a little take-from-it-what-you-need phrasework. We will study relationship, emotion (the extreme and the subtle), texture, weight, permeability, and more. Come as you are. Let's get real.

photo © Derek Fowles