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We are available to facilitate technique, partnering, composition, and improvisation classes together and individually.

We also teach a pretty fabulous dance fitness class! 

And we are available to perform, talk, consult, and present.

And we can answer any questions!

Please inquire!

Let's have a smashing good time.

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Image Description: Sofia and Em are seen in movement on a wooden floor with various multicolored balls strewn around them. Sofia is facing away from the camera, her knees slightly bent as she holds Em’s leg and arm. Em is holding their weight on their left arm as they wrap their legs around Sofia’s waist and wraps their right arm around Sofia’s arm. Em is wearing a denim dress that is open in the front, showing their bare legs and white kneepads. Sofia is wearing black pants with bright blue stripes down the sides, and a long short-sleeve denim shirt. photo © Peter Raper