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Pilates with Sof


Not just "affirming" or "inclusive" or "positive" but queer, trans, and fat-lovin' + liberatin' pilates for YOU!

I am available to work with clients preparing for and recovering from gender affirming surgery, dancers, individuals with no prior pilates experience, people over 75, disabled and chronically ill folx, and any humans who are thoughtful + curious. We will adapt this work specifically to your needs and capacities. Virtual sessions are on Zoom and in-person sessions are in Brooklyn, NY (Lenapehoking). All sessions are Pilates Mat (no equipment) and will include verbalized anatomical information and guiding imagery. In-person sessions will include offerings of consensual touch and props to provide additional support and feedback.

Image Description: Sofia is visible from the chest down and sits kneeling while gesturing with a gently pointed finger. Sofia wears blue and green shirts and black Adidas pants. Em sits in the background. Screenshot of video.

My Journey:

I fell in love with pilates while navigating chronic illness and then healing from and returning to dance after a subsequent invasive, emergency surgery. Pilates supported me in finding stability, joy, deep + tonic muscles that I had never intentionally engaged previously, breathe, and appreciation for myself. At the time, I also missed working hands-on with adults on and in movement. Coming from a place of curiosity, I decided to go to The Kane School of Core Integration where I received my Comprehensive Pilates Mat Certification. I am in a continual practice of finding ways to make this work accessible and decolonial. My teaching is grounded in my work as a dancer and inspired by the teachings of my dance, somatics, and anatomy/kinesiology teachers.


"I've always been scared of pilates but, thanks to Sofia, today I felt the matrix shift. Sofia guided me toward an ultra deep connection with my body in a way I have never experienced before -- damn I was thirsty for that and didn't even know it. I bet you are too." 

"Sofia offers caring, empathic, and intuitive guidance. Sofia doesn't rush through the lesson just to get through it but adjusts to my needs, curiosities, and discoveries. I was happily surprised to find a pilates class with a practitioner who could answer every question I have without hesitation. Sofia doesn't simplify the language or treat me with child gloves but instead explains with enthusiasm." 

"It's so nice to work with someone who understands my dancing body. And you separated my pelvic halves!" 

"I feel that I am in good hands with Sofia. Sofia provides clear instructions and makes me feel empowered to exercise and strengthen as someone over 80. I leave our sessions feeling informed, motivated and encouraged. Sofia's eyes smile at me and say 'yes you can.'"

"I've been dancing for two decades and I finally found my psoas!"


These subsidized rates apply for sessions occurring March 28 - April 28, 2022. After this point, session rates will increase but remain on a sliding scale. Clients who book during the above period will receive a 15% discount on 10 future sessions.

The low end of the sliding scale is intended for those pre- or post- gender affirming or emergency surgery, BIPOC, and people without a financial safety net who couldn't otherwise access pilates. Please be honest about what you can afford.

private (virtual - 1 hour)



private (in person - 1 hour)

$40-60 @ Crown Heights location / $50-70 @ a BK dance studio

If you have a group of 2+ who would like to practice together, email for rates which will be determined based on number of people and format (ex. sliding scale for a group of 3 on Zoom would begin at $15 ea.).

Book a Pilates Session with Sof

Email sofiaengelman [at] gmail [dot] com to book your session or fill out the form below. Let me know if you are interested in working virtually and/or in person and if you have any questions. Rev Computer Generated Captions available on Zoom. In-person sessions will be in Crown Heights near the A/C lines, LIRR, and several buses (up one flight of stairs) or, for an extra $10 fee, at a dance studio depending on availability.

Thanks for submitting!

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