INSTANT SAVIORS (just add water) (2019)

30 min

description: We hopelessly want to be each other's savior. We are in love and dependent and inseparable. We bathe in a kiddie pool of money and gold, read bedtime stories, and transport ourselves to an ephemeral dream world. We make an imagined future right now.

performances at Ponderosa, Lion's Jaw Festival's The THING, Movement Research at the Judson Church, FRESH Festival, EstroGenius Festival at Kraine Theater, HUT at School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, Mark DeGarmo Dance, Smith College, Providence Movement Festival at AS220, and The Dance Complex

View the Kraine Theater iteration here.

Trash Hats (2018)
22 min

description: Em leaves to buy a soda and fries. We both have trash hats and Sofia wants presents. Each performance is a new iteration assembled live and we see you see us. And we collide.

performances at Fresh Dance Friday at Green Street Studios and The Living Room's Kaleidoscope

View the promo video here.

Preparations for Being Our Best Selves (ongoing)

Length Undetermined

description: A moniker for all one-off performances: durational installations, indeterminate improvisations, and public works in progresses. We are always trying our best and this is a space to fail and play hard—a home for firsts and lasts. Relics and remnants from these experiments sometimes find their place in other works.

performances at The Root Cellar, Northampton Center for the Arts, School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, Ponderosa, Smith College, Flywheel, The Dance Complex, The Craft, and Queer Spectra

INSTANT SAVIORS (how stars are made) (2020)

32 min

description: INSTANT SAVIORS continues. We liven our hearts, our eyes, our knees, the floor. We make each other real. We ascend. We sensitize ourselves and the space. Gumballs are medicine, effort is religion, and the voice is unsilenced. Abrahamic iconography emerges as we lift each other onto higher planes. This dance is for you, it is with you; it is unstable communion.

performances at School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, Movement Research, The Dance Complex, and Tufts University

View an excerpt here.

Where the air is light and clear (2017)
7 min and 35 min versions

description: We are not subtle. We are obvious in all denim. We go for a ride, following and interrupting momentum, finding space together and apart. We address you.

performances at Smith College, Boston University, Fresh Dance Friday at Green Street Studios, The Living Room, and The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

View the 7 min version here.

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